Film Update

The week of November 14th was a hectic, whirlwind experience.  My brother, Matt (an experimental filmmaker from Utica, NY), arrived in Portland and went to work almost immediately.  Matt and I traveled all around Portland interviewing folks involved in sustainability-focused community building projects.  Matt also turned his lens on other highlights of the area – including a shipwreck on the Oregon Coast.  (I’m not promising that footage will make it into the film, you’ll have to see the finished product to find out!)

With filming essentially done, the hard work of editing and fine-tuning the story has begun.  This process is a little more complex than it could be, because Matt has since returned to Utica and I remain in Portland.  Still, we’re working together via e-mail and sharing a quick call when we can catch each other.  I’ve planned my holiday trip to Utica so Matt and I will be in the same ZIP code again after December 13th.  Most likely, we’ll do some last minute touches before our anticipated final release date of December 15th.

Speaking of which, I hope you’ll be as excited to see this film as Matt and I have been about putting it together.  Look for it on youtube – and other venues in Utica (TBA).  I’ll be posting more about where you can see the film as the release date nears.  In the meanwhile, stay tuned and enjoy the changing seasons!

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