…well, almost. 

Still, I’m giddy with excitement as I write this. It seems like ever since I got off the plane on Thursday night, I’ve been at TW Video Productions in Utica, NY with my brother Matt. We’ve been editing footage from Portland and Utica and weaving together an inspirational story. Up until now, the editing process was done remotely – Matt was working with the equipment in Utica and I was sending him feedback via email and phone from Portland. I’ve never actually been part of the film editing process before, so this was a learning experience for me. At first, it’s a little weird looking at your friends and family frozen in the middle of a word and then inhaling it slowly in reverse to just the right moment for the cut. But after a while, reversed English doesn’t sound like the language of the demonically possessed and you get a sense for the real craftsmanship it takes to make a film.

Although the finished film is less than 24 hours old, it’s already attracted some media attention. Here’s a link to an article in Utica’s independent paper, The Utica Phoenix.  Honestly, I’m flattered with the positive feedback I’ve received from folks in Utica and Portland about this project.  I hope the film meets everyone’s expectations – and I hope some positive actions will follow.

I’ll post again once the link to the film is available.  Matt is working on that as I write this.   (Go Matt! – he’s my editing/compressing/uploading video-hero!).  And once again, the film will be shown at the Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institute in Utica, NY on Tuesday, December 14th following a short presentation by Rust2Green at 6:30pm.  Come on out and see it in person on the big screen!

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One Response to It’s ALIVE!

  1. chris says:

    couldn’t make the mwpi showing… where/ when are you gonna have the video for others to see and discuss?? would like to try to make it to another showing. cheers.

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