At Utica College with the Young Scholars LPP

Over 100 Young Scholars students filled MacFarlane Auditorium at Utica College for reUtica’s third local screening. These students represent a diverse and bright group of middle school students from the Utica City School District. As part of their experience as Young Scholars, students entering grades 7, 8 and 9 are expected to attend Utica College over the summer for classes to prepare them for the upcoming school year. Students are also expected to participate in community service projects in addition to having strong academics.

reUtica was received well by these young people, despite being a pretty heady film at times. I was gratified that I somehow retained a junior high sense of humor in making the film…the students laughed and giggled at all the right parts. They also had some pretty intelligent things to say about the film and why ‘recycling, reusing and reducing’ made sense to them. We even had some candid conversations about values surrounding consumerism, community and the environment.

Thanks goes out to the Young Scholars LPP students, teachers and staff for all the time they devoted this summer to watching and discussing the film!

(Readers can learn more about the Young Scholars LPP at Utica College by visiting

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